Amp Camp

"Amp Camp was an incredibly fun experience and also played a major role in evolving my playing and understanding of music!"  -  Daniel Rodriguez,  AMPcamper 2015

"The enthusiastic Amp Camp teachers offered some of the best learning opportunities I've experienced with my guitar!  Playing with other musicians my age and hearing from professionals shed new light on what music really means to me."  -  Emily Tschetter,  AMPcamper 2014, 2015


"Both my high-schooler and middle-schooler attended Amp Camp last year.  It was a great time for both of them.  Their performance and improvisation skills greatly improved, as well as their confidence and attitudes about jazz music.  My older son really appreciated the variety of expert clinicians that performed for the campers, and my younger son thought getting to perform on a "real stage"  at the Garage at Yellowstone Valley Brewing was 'super cool!'"                                                                                                            -- Maureen Ladd, mother of Jack and Logan Ladd. AMP Campers 2015 

"Parker has been my teacher for almost 7 years now. Last year AMP CAMP gave me the opportunity of going to Amp Camp on a scholarship and I accepted. It was the best decision ever. Four days of intensive music workshops and classes that were instrument specific. Not only did I learn more about my instrument(bass), but I also learned immense knowledge of theory and how to apply to every day music. At the end of the week we were given the privilege of playing a show at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company as a group and as smaller "bands" that had been created at the start of the week. This was incredible because it gave people who aren't used to playing on stage or with others the chance to learn how to listen to what others and to work as a group. I loved Amp Camp and would definitely do it again."                                                            -- Madge Cleveland AMP Camper 2015

"Amp Camp is an incredible, fun, uplifting experience for musicians of any background or level. The camp administrators are extremely knowledgable and friendly, creating a lighthearted atmosphere conducive to learning and expression. Topics ranging from basic to advanced theory and rhythms are explored during the classroom time. Groups are formed that practice engaging and enjoyable songs in preparation for a final concert upon the conclusion of camp. At the end of each day, local artists are brought in to showcase their talents and demonstrate the vast array of musicality present in the Billings/Montana area. Amp Camp is a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop as a musician in an amiable environment with people of all skills and talents.              -- John Jones AMP Camper 2015

Founded in 2014 by local musicians/educators Alex Nauman, Matthew Devitt and Parker Brown,  AMP CAMP is a rhythm section workshop that gives musicians the tools to be well-rounded and better prepared for a career in music.  AMP CAMP offers group classes including music theory, master classes, latin percussion, small combo and large ensemble workshops, as well as lectures/performances from regional bands.  The week culminates in a final concert where student bands perform a gig at a local venue, The Garage (YVBC).  

Musicians interested in attending the week long workshop should have an intermediate knowledge of music and an active relationship with their instrument. Scholarships are available.